Insurance is an important part of your financial plan. A relatively small amount of money spent now can protect against unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances in the future. It can also help provide for security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones in a time of crisis. Strategically, for business owners it can contribute to wealth protection and for individuals it can assist in wealth transition. 



In our world of financial planning we talk about accumulation, protection and transition of wealth. Life insurance is a financial tool that can help provide for all three of those things.

Life insurance can accomplish many things. For the individual, it can provide peace of mind knowing that, if the unforeseen occurs, their loved ones are provided for. For family members, life insurance can provide comfort in the knowledge that the funds are there to eliminate financial stress under already stressful circumstances. For business owners, life insurance is a means by which the company can convert current revenue into future protection and legacy.

We have helped individuals and business owners understand the value of life insurance as part of their overall financial plan to accumulate, grow and protect their wealth.


Life expectancy is increasing with the advancement of modern medicine. This means that although the likelihood of contracting a serious or critical illness is high, the chance of survival is greater.

Diagnosis of a critical illness can leave you unable to work or unable to live life as you were accustomed to. With life expectancy increasing, the likelihood of contracting a serious or critical illness in ones lifetime is likely. The consequence doesn’t have to be. Critical illness insurance provides comfort and peace of mind knowing that financial comfort zone to get you through.

We’ve worked with individuals to secure this coverage to ensure that if a critical illness is contracted our clients don’t have to worry about how they will survive. Instead they can focus on rest and recovery while the policy takes care of the day to day.